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  Mason Calloway with Missy Robertson from Duck Dynasty
Mike Alexander with our Governor Dr. Robert and Mrs. Bentley
Over the years we have had the distinct pleasure of catering for our previous two former governors, Don Seigelman and Bob Riley. We loved catering an event feeding 800 people with Missy Robertson from Duck Dynasty. We have catered a wedding for a New York City Rockette,  NFL player, The Award winning Country Music Group Alabama, Bill Gaither and Bettina Boateng, a news anchor from Birmningham.  Sure these are names you may know but along side these are thousands of people we have catered for that are just as important. We love what we do and we give it our all at every event. In turn, we have been blessed to cater for some of these well known people while cherishing every moment we have at every event. After all, Every Event should be a Great Event.
             Mike and Tina Alexander with Bill Gaither.
We were honored to cater the two day event of the filming of the Alabama and Bill Gaither Video project in the spring of 2015.
Tina Alexander with Jeff Cook of Alabama
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