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Our deposit is $1,000 for food and an additional $1,000 deposit for decoration services,  if needed, and payable in order to hold the date for you.  The balance of your wedding is not due until 60 days prior  to the event. We also offer great discounts for payment in full at your first meeting with Alexander's. In the event you would like to save even more money we offer the following incentive for our pay off early discount for the food portion of your wedding. We are the only catering company who offers these incentives and we do not make exceptions for any reason since this is an extra discount for people who are willing and able to pay in full upon the end of our first meeting and consultation only. This discount applies to catering portion of your wedding and can save you hundreds or even thousands of dollars. Many customers may not know exactly how or what they will need for decorations until we visit their location with them therefore it is hard to give a discount on the decorating portion unless you know everything you need before our first meeting when the total amount would be due for discount.

Pay $3,000 (or more) in full the day of your first appointment or meeting and receive A 25% discount off your food. This discount only applies to the first time we meet.  Discounts will only be allowed on the original contract and will not be valid on items added at a later time. 
Sweet Season's Farm 
Birmingham Botanical Gardens
Senior Activity Center Gadsden
Pittman Theatre Gadsden
Woodrow Hall Birmingham